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Acupuncture Therapy in Northport, NY

Why Choose Acupuncture?

Woman receiving acupuncture in Northport NYIf you’re suffering from ongoing headaches, neck pain, or back pain, it may be time to try acupuncture in Northport.

Providing drug-free, minimally-invasive relief from your symptoms, acupuncture is an age-old technique that improves various functions and promotes your body’s natural healing processes.

Here at Wright Chiropractic and Physical Therapy, we provide tailored acupuncture treatment plans that take into account your unique symptoms, lifestyle, and desires, helping you live the pain-free life you deserve.

What Does Acupuncture in Northport Involve?

Acupuncture is a very straightforward procedure which involves placing needles (that are as thin as your hair) into various points on your body.

Acupuncture theories state that there are 2,000 of these points around your body, each of which are connected by 20 pathways that conduct qi (circulating life force). When needles are inserted into these points, this works to restore the correct flow of qi.

1 to 20 of these needles will be used per session, being left in place for around 15-30 minutes. Rarely do patients find this painful – in fact, many find it relaxing!

We may also use heat or electrical stimulation to achieve the same effect.

Acupuncture for Back and Neck Pain

Many studies demonstrate how various types of neck and back pain are effectively treated by acupuncture. From whiplash to low back pain, acupuncture is used to treat a variety of conditions – it’s even worked in cases where conventional methods haven’t.

By applying acupressure to the problematic area, it can reduce pain and lessen muscle spasms, promoting a relaxed state and better sense of well-being.

Experts also deem acupuncture a ‘safe treatment option’ for those suffering from neck pain.


Because unlike the steroids used in many neck/back pain injections, acupuncture involves no medication and, therefore, significantly reduces the chances of people having an adverse reaction to their treatment.

Acupuncture for Headaches

Acupuncture for headaches has long been revered in traditional Chinese medicine, dating back hundreds of years.

Not only working for migraines, it’s also effective at treating cluster headaches, tension headaches, disease-related headaches (i.e. ones relating to high blood pressure or sinus problems), and post-traumatic headaches.

Why is it so advantageous over other treatments?

It comes with little, if any, side effects.

Unlike synthetic drugs, there are almost no side effects involved in acupuncture, and the procedures involved in combatting headaches are far less invasive than surgery.

Don’t let back pain, neck pain, or headaches rule your life and seek acupuncture in Northport by calling our esteemed clinic today on 631-754-3775.