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How Can Chiropractic Treatment Help Text Neck?

Written By Wright Chiropractic and Physical Therapy on April 30, 2018

Think through the past decade of your life. Did you start to experience sudden bouts of neck pain around the same time you got your first smartphone? If so, you are a victim of text neck, a medical condition affecting millions of people around the world. 

The good news? You might not need to trash your phone to find relief. Making changes to your posture and meeting with a chiropractor can make all the difference for finding long-term relief. 

What is Text Neck?

You might not think that spending hours on your phone will hurt you physically, but the truth is that any time spent tilting your head exponentially increases the amount of pressure on your neck. Though text neck can technically be caused by other activities like reading, the ubiquity of smartphones today has dramatically increased its prevalence around the world. 

Just how common is text neck? No one can say accurately, but one study shows that up to 90 percent of Americans keep their cell phone at close reach at all times, meaning that they are almost continually taking breaks in their day to squint down at a screen.  

At-Home Suggestions for Text Neck Pain Treatment

Your neck isn’t designed to support tons of weight, and tilting your head down just a few degrees will dramatically affect the amount of pressure put on it by your neck. Likewise, small changes in how you position your head can make a big difference in your neck pain. 

We recommend keeping your phone screen at eye level as much as possible and taking ten-minute technology breaks throughout the day to rest your eyes to prevent squinting downwards. Likewise, monitoring your posture throughout the day will help you catch problems in your position before they become a problem. 

Visit Your Chiropractor for Text Neck Pain Treatment

Neck pain doesn’t have to be a fact of your life, and you don’t have to throw away your cell phone to find relief. 

Less screen time is a good idea for all of us, but Wright Chiropractic and Physical Therapy will work with you to help you find permanent relief from your pain. We offer a broad spectrum of physical treatments to improve your neck health, including chiropractic, physical therapy, pain management, acupuncture, massage, and orthopedics. 

Don’t let yourself forget what life feels like without text neck. Call our office at (631) 754-3775 today!

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